ZPPSU-EPDU spotlights milestones, student-centric development

Zamboanga Peninsula Polytechnic State University (ZPPSU) recently conducted the ZPPSU-Extenal Program Delivering Units’ General Assembly highlighting celebrations of milestones and a firm commitment to student-centric development, which was held across campuses in Malangas, Vitali, Siay, and Kabasalan recently.

The event underscored the university’s dedication to fostering a positive and collaborative environment.

EPDU Dean Dr. Kier Dela Calzada emphasized the significance of teamwork in achieving the university’s mission and vision, especially as it gears up for the launch of ZPPSU – Bayog Campus, marking a new phase in its development.

Moreover, highlighting the importance of fostering a supportive learning environment within the university, the leadership cohort, led by VP Josephine L. Sulasula with VPs Dr. Cristina Wee and Dr. Rolando Malalay celebrated notable milestones in accreditation and research, as these achievements underscored the faculty and government personnel’s steadfast commitment to excellence and accountability.

President Cabral placed students at the forefront of the university’s agenda, emphasizing the role of attitude, behavior, and character in fostering institutional excellence.

Looking ahead, plans were outlined for enhanced collaboration with local government entities, aiming to drive joint projects and programs for EPDU campuses.

Additionally, Dr. Cabral also rallied for unity, declaring, “We are one family.” The ZPPSU EPDU campuses stand united in their dedication to advancing holistic development and embracing the challenges of the future.


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