ZPPSU Year-End Fellowship Celebration, Strengthening Community Bonds.

ZPPSU Year-End Fellowship Celebration, Strengthening Community Bonds.

In a lively celebration that seamlessly brought together the entire ZPPSU community, the Year-End Fellowship took center stage at the Royce, Grand Astoria Hotel.

Initiated by University President Dr. Nelson P. Cabral, this collaborative effort involved the dedicated work of Ms. Ma. Fe M. Dela Cruz, Director of ZPPSU – Gender and Development, Faculty Association & ZCSPC Multi-purpose Cooperative and the Office of Culture and Arts.

The festivities commenced with the much-anticipated ZPPSU Queens, captivating attendees with a captivating blend of talent and festive spirit.

Incorporating a Caroling Competition, participants from diverse departments showcased their vocal prowess, filling the air with joyous melodies. ZPPSU faculty and staff competed, creating a perfect holiday ambiance.

The energy reached new heights during the Christmas Dance Competition, where dazzling choreography and creative performances took the spotlight. The event showcased not only academic prowess but also artistic talents, making it a memorable night.

The event underscored the unity within the ZPPSU community as participants from various colleges, the administration, directors, personnel, deans, and faculty joined hands to celebrate. Emphasizing the diversity of talents within the institution, the fellowship fostered a strong sense of camaraderie among attendees.

Beyond showcasing talent, the ZPPSU Year-End Fellowship acted as a platform that went beyond limits, creating connections and spreading holiday joy. It was a reminder that, in the spirit of the holidays, the ZPPSU community is a family that celebrates together. (ABC)


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