ZPPSU joins MASTS National Sports Summit in Pagadian City

The two-day Mindanao Association of State Tertiary Schools (MASTS) National Sports Summit Workshop was attended by leaders and coaches from various State Universities and Colleges (SUCs), held at the JH Cerilles State College and concluded last March 7, 2024.

The summit aimed to promote sustainable sports development across Mindanao and to the entire Philippines.

Dr. Rosales, President of JH Cerilles State College, hosted the event, extending strong support for sports and cultural activities and fostering a dynamic exchange of ideas and strategies.

Moreover, MASTS President Dr. Nelson P. Cabral announced that MASTS 2024 will be hosted by JH Cerilles in September 2024, with the participation of 35 SUCs from Mindanao.

Further, Dr. Cabral expressed gratitude to dignitaries, sports directors, and coaches for their unwavering support.

Another key speaker, Commissioner Edward L. Hayco of the Philippines Sports Commission (PSC) expressed a strong vision for sports leadership, emphasizing how having supportive coaches who genuinely care can make a big difference for athletes.

Comm. Hayco encouraged MASTS institutions to become regional training centers, advancing the national grassroots effort.

The representative from the Provincial Government of Pagadian, Mr. Glendel Oyao outlined robust security measures for MASTS 2024 and reaffirmed the province’s steadfast support for sports development.

Prof. Elbert “Bong” Atilano Sr. facilitated a parallel session on sports networking, reinforcing the critical role of local government units and legal frameworks in implementing grassroots sports initiatives.

On the second day, the summit concluded with an oath-taking ceremony for MASTS Association officers, who solemnly pledged to uphold the core responsibilities and obligations of their roles.


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