ZPPSU futures thinking unveils visionary roadmap for University long-term operations

To achieve the transformative goals of the Zamboanga Peninsula Polytechnic State University in the coming years, a three-day event, dubbed the Futures Thinking and Strategic Foresight Conference, was recently held at the Southern Heights Recreational Park in La Paz.

The conference aimed to convey the role of futures thinking and strategic foresight in the university’s operations, build capacity for outside-the-box, long-term planning, and anticipatory policy-making, generate initiatives and insights into the dynamics of future developments in the university, and pitch and cascade the crafted futures thinking initiatives to the 5-year development plan of the university.

The first two days were dedicated to the meticulous crafting and presentation of strategic initiatives, contributing to a comprehensive roadmap that laid the foundation for the university’s future endeavors.

Participants from various university offices were convened during the conference, fostering collaboration among decision-makers from the Office of the President and Offices of the Vice Presidents, including the Administration and Finance, Academic Affairs, Student Affairs and Services and Research Development and Extension.

Beyond intellectual pursuits, the conference seamlessly blended recreation into its schedule. Activities such as invigorating Zumba sessions and a lively fellowship night added a vibrant touch to the academic proceedings, fostering a holistic and collaborative environment.

The workshop, spearheaded by ZPPSU-VPAF Prof. Josephine L. Sulasula, along with the dynamic steering committee, including Engr. Edabel Jane Falcasantos, Arch. Fatima Shallemar Pattaalam, Engr. Emrayda Nagdar; Ms. Maura Elise Valesco, Anthony B. Colico, and Keith Carlou Jaramilla.

Moreover, ZPPSU President Dr. Nelson P. Cabral graced the workshop, along with the oversight committee led by VPAF Prof. Josephine L. Sulasula, VPAA Dr. Roy L. Valesco, VPRE Dr. Bonnie A. Andabon, and VPSAS Dr. Ma. Cristina Wee, unit directors/heads, college deans, and other key university officials who actively participated in the workshop.

Their presence underscored the commitment to the collaborative and forward-thinking spirit that defined the ZPPSU Futures Thinking and Strategic Foresight Conference.


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