ZPPSU, an Extension Work by the Thomasites

Long before ZPPSU achieved its current status, the institution’s roots trace back to its establishment by the Thomasites, an exemplary figure in the realm of EXTENSION WORK.

According to the accounts from the Philippine Commission to the U. S Government, Dr. Najeev M. Saleeby, the Superintendent in the Moro Province, founded a prestigious educational institution in Zamboanga City on July 1905. The report emphasized the school’s establishment with the intention of introducing skills highly sought after by Industries and Trades. These skills were designed to be easily acquired, practical to use, and aimed at bridging the skill gap between the population and the industry demands of that era.

The Thomasites, as pioneering American teachers, inaugurated the first shop under the leadership of Mr. Hogges. Later, a drawing class was added when Mr. Ash assumed leadership. The school’s popularity necessitated a move from Zamboanga East Central School to Barangay Baliwasan in 1912 leading to its evolution to Zamboanga Trade School under the guidance of Mr. Parker.


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