Mayor Jalosjos Unveils Vision for Dapitan City’s Future in SOCA 2023

Mayor Jalosjos Unveils Vision for Dapitan City’s Future in SOCA 2023

In a gathering attended by the President of Zamboanga Peninsula State University (ZPPSU) as well as the OIC-President of Jose Rizal Memorial State University (JRMSU) Dr. Nelson P. Cabral, along with officials from both institutions, the stage was set for the eagerly anticipated State of the City Address (SOCA) 2023, held at the Dapitan City Government Center, on Dec. 01, this year.

Prior to the main event, a courtesy visit to the Mayor’s Office set the tone for collaborative efforts between JRMSU and the local government. This visit, marked by the presence of core officials from ZPPSU and JRMSU, showcased the commitment to fostering partnerships that contribute to the city’s development.

Mayor Seth Frederick “Bullet” P. Jalosjos seized the spotlight in the evening, stepping into the limelight to convey a crucial message about the city’s development, obstacles, and forthcoming initiatives.

This year’s State of the City Address provided a comprehensive overview of the strides made by Dapitan City in various sectors, acknowledging achievements while addressing the hurdles faced.

Mayor Jalosjos, in his articulate address, outlined a visionary roadmap for the city’s future, underscoring strategic plans aimed at overcoming challenges and elevating the quality of life for its residents. (ABC/JRA)


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