Congratulations to all Mr. & Ms. ZPPSU 2023 winners

After all the grand preparations of the twelve male and female candidates representing their respective colleges and delivering units in Zamboanga Peninsula, the winners of Mr. & Ms. Zamboanga Peninsula Polytechnic State University 2023 were officially proclaimed during the coronation night at the ZPPSU gymnasium, October 14.

The candidates never failed to flaunt all their best, from displaying attractiveness and their own elegance on stage to testing their wit and humor, capturing the minds and hearts of the crowd.

The following candidates were concluded as winners by the respected and esteemed adjudicators:

Mr. & Ms. ZPPSU 2023

Mr. John Rei Abequibel (College of Engineering and Technology)

Ms. Aiza L. Aizon (Vitali EPDU)

First Runners Up

Ms. Eleanor Uro (College of Engineering and Technology)

Mr. Joshua Emmanuel B. Homoroc (Vitali EPDU)

Second Runners Up

Mr. Sam David Gravino (Senior High School)

Ms. Roxie Ann Silva (Senior High School)

The said pageant was hosted by Mr. Anthony Colico, University Public Information Officer and Mr. Arnel Hupida Lee, Supervising Administrative Officer for Administration and concurrent University Registrar

ZPPSU President Dr. Nelson P. Cabral and the entire community have expressed appreciation for the efforts and willingness of the candidates to represent and be the faces of the university. (JRA/Photos by: Charlotte Jane Mendoza)

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